Eget Foundation Commercial Enterprise

Foundation means disappropriating ones private property limitlessly without being prejudiced by somebody else and allocating the movable and immovable properties of one's own free will with philanthropic intentions under the conditions of the fulfillment of the services set by himself.

Principally, the foundations are not set up for profit. Their mission is based on solidarity and philanthropy. However, if the foundations choose to carry on depending on donations only, unfortunately, it becomes difficult for them to survive long term.

When we were setting up EGET Vakfı(foundation), our priority was to take measures for our foundation be long serving so that it could give more scholarships. For this reason, our structure is designed to create its own flow of capital. In order to realise this, we invested in the chosen subjects as mentioned in our name; Geriatrics, Ecological Agriculture and Tourism. So as to generate continuous capital for the foundation, a short period after our foundation is proclaimed in the officia gazette, we set up EGET VAKFI COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE.

The first business of our Commercial enterprise is ARMUTÇUK AGRICULTURAL ENTERPRISE. The land of 22.000 square meters in the city of Muğla, Ula district, Armutçuk quarter is donated to the foundation by the founders. After regenerating the land, we planted the truffle inoculated oak tillers that are bought from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Truffle Research and Application Center. On 24-May-2015, 415 oak tillers were planted on the land. An opening ceremony was arranged and attendees planted their own trees with their name under it.

Truffle mushroom is considered as the most expensive food in the world after caviere and is also named as ‘black diamond’ or ‘the food of the Gods’. It is a type of mushroom that grows 5-20 cm under the soil belonging to Ascomycetes type. It has a symbiosis with oak and nut trees. Truffles have one of a kind flavor and taste.

The type of truffle we preferred for our Armutçuk Agricultural Enterprise is Tuber Melanosporum. We plan to harvest the truffles approximately five years after the planting. The truffle mushroom will be found by specially trained dogs and meet with the buyers from European gastronomy market. The price of Tuber Melanosporum starts form 1000 euros that is also called winter range truffle.

For optimum utlisation of the land, until the truffles are harvested, we planted lavander seedlings in between the oak trees. The plantation was celebrated with a picnic event called “Let the flower of lavander contribute to education” on 8-May-2016.  EGET Vakfı, being a pioneer on this topic, set up the first lavander enterprise of the coastal towns in Turkey. Lavandula Super-A and Raya type lavanders can be sold to companies or private persons for lavander oil and the excess of the seedlings for the prupose of growing lavander.

Another Project of our foundation is to produce lavender honey. As soon as the lavenders grow on our land, we plan to put the honey project into practice in the second half of 2017. Of course, the plans and projects of our Commercial Enterprise are not limited to the subjects mentioned above. All topics under the umbrella of sustainability that are respectful to nature, to people, to the universe, to ecology away from unnatural and chemical use are of interest to Eget Vakfı.

We will keep you informed about our projects by updating the website.  The goal of these initiatives is to create revenue to be able to give educational scholarships. With the vision of our founders and the members of our trustees and keeping in mind the mission of being a model to the farmer of the region, we will go on being a pioneer of novelties in accordance with our mission and vision statements.