Özlem Uzman

She was born in Konya, Turkey in 1968. She completed her primary education there and started studying English Language and Literature at Hacettepe University Science and Literature Faculty in 1985. In 1987, she transferred to Bogazici University and graduated from there at 1991, with a degree in English Language and Literature. Post-graduation she studied business at Istanbul University Business School for a year. Until the year 1997, she worked as an executive in information, aviation and construction sectors. She headed to the United States later to earn a graduate degree in business but had to return to Turkey after a year due to family reasons. Until 2004, she worked in companies in various sectors, mainly marketing and product management. She founded the company Bliss shortly after, which focused on women's clothing. In 2010, she branched out into giftware with the company Evcilik and opened a store in Istanbul MKM mall. In 2013, she said goodbye to her 26 year residence in Istanbul and moved to Mugla, Gokova to start Eget Foundation. She is also the vice president on the board of Uzman Building Manufacturing and Commerce Company, a family company.

Safai Özer

He was born in Konya, Turkey in 1952. After graduating from Konya Maarif High School he started studying architecture at Selcuk University, School of Architecture and Engineering. After earning his diploma in 1975, he worked in public organisations for a while. Once his military service ended, he started working as a freelance architect. In 1980, he moved to Antalya, Turkey. Alongside architecture, he also designed and manufactured furniture. In 1990, he founded the Kaleici Art House. In 1994, he moved to a village in Burdur. In 2013, he returned back to cities to co-found Eget Foundation.
His first book got published in 1970. He has 5 published works to date. In 1972, he had his first solo photo exhibition. He is a member of Group A and also one of the founders of ANFAD (Antalya, Photography and Cinema Amateurs Foundation). He won first place in Turkish Ministry of Arts Culture's photography competition. Since 1993 he had 37 painting exhibitions.