Eget Foundation's main goal that is also stated in our ‘Articles of Foundation’ as a ‘nonamendable article’ is to give scholarships to students in need due to financial constraints and help them continue their education without interruption.

Famous human rights activist and former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela says; “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. We believe that the brilliant young generation of Turkey can improve themselves in science, art and in business and have significant success. Eget Foundation aims to draw attention to nominal educational level knowing that education is Turkey's most important need, and we hope to aid students financially so they, in turn, can have higher education and move our country into the next level.

Looking at statistics, we regretfully observe that even though many students hope to achieve higher education a few students actually do. According to a research done by Bahcesehir University Economic and Societal Research Facility (BETAM), in Turkey during 2014, almost 1 out 3 children - more than 7 million - live in severe financial deprivation. As Eget Foundation, we believe that it is our duty to prevent the negative consequences of our youth growing up without education, culture and feeling neglected. While believing that any child should have a right to education without discrimination, we can only help a limited few. For this reason, we have an evaluation process for the students that apply for a scholarship based on who is in dire financial need and who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement. Our main criteria are not exceptional scholastic performance, we believe that the students with the drive to study and finish their education should be offered more opportunities. Eget Foundation shows the preference for female students and also students that grew up without one or both of their parents along with students who exhibit the values of compassion, humanity, and patriotism. After graduating from their respective schools and stepping into the professional life, we also hope these past students will offer scholarships to future students and continue the tradition.