While or prime purpose is to give scholarships, our other purposes are to do studies to support geriatric and gerontology sciences. Geriatrics and gerontology mean to meet not just the medical needs but also psychological and social needs of median age and above adults. While the science of geriatrics focuses on medical issues, gerontology with a wider scope, examine the continuum of senescence. Not only for just the elderly; but it also lays emphasis on the environmental and nutritional factors while growing old.

When demographic data is examined, we see that people live longer compared to the past, birth rates go down and the older people population is rising. When the TUIK [Turkish Statistical Institute] data is examined, the life expectancy at birth will be 75,8 in men and 80,2 in women in the year 2023. According to World Health Organisation; health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Together with the increase in life expectancy at birth, to improve the quality of living is vital to growing older healthier. The Eget Foundation, basing its actions on geriatrics and gerontology sciences and enriching its studies with the contributions of science, supports methods to keep the elderly in the center of life instead of keeping them away from life and also a healthy and natural nutritional diet.

                                       "None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm."

                                                                                                     Henry David Thoreau

As noted by famous American writer, Eget Foundation aims to develop projects in order to keep the enthusiasm of older people alive and keep them in the center of life but not out. This will not only keep themselves physically healthy but also paying regard to coming generations, and taking steps in this way; enhance their interest in art and avocation. Having the pleasure of helping somebody will be of benefit to both the elderly and the socety.